Developed by Mark Wahlberg and the leading experts in science and nutrition, MARKED™ is a complete line of products formulated with superior, cutting-edge ingredients built to support all of your athletic and fitness goals.

MARKED™ provides the ultimate in performance nutrition for anyone looking to achieve their health and fitness goals. Using the latest scientific research, the industry’s top nutritional experts have developed the most innovative products that deliver optimal performance and results you can see and feel. 

MARKED™ products feature the highest quality ingredients available and are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that adhere to the strict FDA and international regulations. Every raw material is tested extensively to guarantee the purity and efficacy of the ingredient. 

The entire MARKED™ product line has been tested for banned substances by HFL Sports Science, a world class anti-doping lab, and each formula has been found to be free of banned substances.*

*These products were tested for over 145 banned substances on the 2012 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List via HFL skip lot testing protocol #ICP03037.

Select MARKED™ products feature the Nitro Factor™ Advantage, which is a score that shows a product’s full muscle-building potential*. Nitrogen fuels performance, growth, anabolism and recovery, so the more nitrogen a product has, the stronger it will perform, delivering maximum performance and results.

*When used in conjunction with resistance training.